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The Rush

Spring/Summer 24


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Sad Girl Diaries.png

Sad Girl Diaries

April 2024

"Six Questions to Ask Your Therapist Instead of Responding to Whatever it Was She Just Asked You"

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December 2023


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Our Favorite People in the Room.png


First Matter Press

Our Favorite People in the Room



"Snow White"

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Coffin Bell Journal_edited.jpg

Coffin Bell Journal 5.3


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Phermones and Mistakes.webp

Same Faces Collective

December 2022

"Pheromones and Mistakes"

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Slipstream #42



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Levitate #6

Nostalgia Dossier

"A Spell for Drowning Ghosts"

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Landing Zone Magazine

Lore Anthology


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Sunflowers at Midnight #1

Beauty in Darkness

"A Life That is Her Own"

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Red Ogre Review

Primeval Monster Zine

"Beneath the Scales" and "Monstrous Woman"

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Red Ogre Review #2

"The Maiden in the Tower"

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Poet Lore.png

Poet Lore #116 1/2

Surrealism Folio

"Stabs Way Out"

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Apiary 12 Cover.png

Apiary Magazine #12

The Genre Jawn

"Alphabetizing an Apology Letter"

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Bare Bones_edited.jpg

Quillkeepers Press

Bare Bones


"Little Red Riding Hood"

"The Forbidden Room"

"The Sleeping Princess"

and "The True Bride"

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You Might Need to Hear This


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The Festival Review Volume 8.png

The Festival Review #8

"One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes"

"The Name"

"The Persecuted Heroine (Japanese)"

and "The Persecuted Heroine (Iranian)

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HBR Logo.webp

Hairstreak Butterfly Review

"Towns that Trigger"

and "Too Late or Not at All"

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Atlas and Alice

"What to Write in Your Journal to Move On"

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Mytholadies Podcast #24

"The Persecuted Heroine (Russian)"

"The Persecuted Heroine (Iranian)"

and discussion of

the Cinderella Tale Type

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The Vital Sparks #2

"The Outgrowing of a Mother"

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Press || Press

"Date Night in the Time of Global Pandemic"

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Plainsongs Winter 2021

"The Sleeping Princess"

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Wingless Dreamer

The Rewritten

"The Bluebeard"

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Peatsmoke Journal

"application 17:

hardware store"

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Mindwell Poetry

We Don't Break, We Burn

"A Devouring Too Brief"

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Writers Under 30 Volume 5

"The Wolf"

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The Festival Review #5

"Three Blows From a Hatchet"

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Snapdragon Journal #6.2

dread | desire

"The Children With the Witch"

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Unnerving Magazine

Haunted are these Houses

"The Forbidden Room"

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